"In an industry that helps millions of people stay connected, the customer experience is now the deciding factor between loyalty and loss"


At US Technosoft we are passionate about partnership and understand what our clients need. When you engage with us, not only will we find you the best talent possible, we will also become your dedicated brand ambassadors, representing your organisation to the talent pools in which we operate. We have developed cost-effective advertising solutions to work in partnership with you, whilst leveraging our advertising partnerships to ensure the best deal for you. We manage the complete process relieving the strain from your HR and Marketing departments.

Our advertising solutions use a variation of tools, depending on your requirement, sector and desired outcome. We offer a featured employers page on our website, access to both generalist and specialist job boards and bespoke branded campaigns via our comprehensive database and social media platforms. Whether you are new to advertising, or looking to enhance your brand positioning in your sector, we can help with both your short-term and long-term advertising goals.

Today’s consumer is moving from content on-demand to content on-the-move and is challenging established business models. Firms which have addressed effective content retrieval, management and distribution from and through multiple options are the trend setters. The emergence of social media as a major channel for content generation, delivery, and consumption has only added to the bouquet of mediums, a firm has to operate in. New approaches are needed not only for technology development but for creating new business/revenue opportunities. With our industry experience and expertise in advertising, we can help transform the companies in this segment by aligning them with emerging business models, changing consumer behaviour, evolving technologies and competition. Advertisers struggle to gain consumer attention while advertising their products and services with a plethora of options in front of them. The journey begins by understanding how the customers purchase products and services from the market place. We help advertisers in this process through our multi-channel Ad Analytics services. Our Ad Optimization services help advertisers automate the process of deciding which ad needs to be sent to which consumer for maximum impact. Our Ad Delivery services help them deliver the right advertisement to the right person at the right time on the right device.