Document Management & Approval Software

DocxBucket is web based software which automates the manual processes of your organization into an electronic workflow. DocxBucket is a document management and document approval system in which a document owner who uploads a document and identifies who needs to approve the document and in which order. The document management system then conducts the workflow notifying each user that they need to approve the document and tracking the document through to completion. Every user can contribute to the document by putting his remarks and can also attach any sort/type of document to it for reference. Individual users can see the status of their document and the movement details of any related to him.

DocxBucket, an electronic document management and approval system works much like a corporate intranet. Using Internet, bosses and employees can log in into application even when they are away from the office to complete approval tasks that have been assigned to them. Online communications regarding the approval of a document are attached as comments and supporting attachments to provide more information to help each signatory user to make an approval decision. Approval processes are strictly confidential as only the document owner and required concerned users have access to view these comments and attachments. Once a document has passed through the required user and attained final approval, it is then released for further processing. As the document approval and management solution DocxBucket can be incorporated as part of office messaging, document delivery and document receipt solutions, the approval process can participate in a variety of workflows designed for your organization.

DocxBucket ensures creation of document by the user of any level and dully marked to the further appropriate level in the electronic form of submission (any kind of document can be attached as submission i.e. MS Word File, MS Excel, PPT etc. any document received on paper can also be scanned and attached as submission) and marking the document to the concerned user. The document can be marked to the desired user. The DocxBucket software conducts the workflow notifying each user that they need to approve the document and tacking the document through to completion. Once the document is approved by all levels, it can be generated as a PDF for storage. The generated PDF document has all the approval history.

DocxBucket works on formula:


Robust and user friendly application

Complete hierarchical and multilevel approval approach, Secured with individual user name and password.

Collaboration of all organization documents under one platform

Machine independent, Role based application.

Customize according to organization workflow

Sequential working process, Admin can anytime alter document approval workflow.

Work from anywhere, anytime

Helps in reducing the approval process time when compared to manual process.

Monitor the approval process from start to finish

Multiple analytic reports depending on document type, approver type.

Multiple document approver role

Default permission is given to all approvers according to document type.

Set the date by when approval is required

Automatic re-send approval request, once the expected due date is over.

Multiple attachments for one shot approval

Clarification or rejection option during approval process.

Viewing the progress of approval process

Real time analytics reports to view progress.

Approval history of each document

Know status of each approved document .

Alerts/ Reminders

E-mail to notify that the created document requires approval.

Converted approval process to PDF

Set a date for when approval is expected with its due date for approval .