Edge1 Outdoor Media Management Software

360° business automation solutions to Out of Home Advertising Organizations

With the start of 2011, US Technosoft launched Edge1 Outdoor Media Management software, which has today become the no. one choice for outdoor media owners and agencies worldwide. Having a strong clientele in OOH Industry all over the globe, most of the big outdoor media organizations are using Edge1 to meet their automation requirements. Edge1 platform currently manages more than 2, 00, 000 OOH media assets all over the world.

Edge1 Outdoor Media Management Software empowers the OOH industry with cool, easy-to-use, innovative software tools that drive the entire out-of-home workflow. It is a super-fast, ultra-rich, web-based suite of applications for sales, operations, accounts, landlord and even brands. It includes functionality for OOH networks, such as proposal generation, media buying, media planning, inventory management, campaign management, PO management, invoicing, lease pay-outs, financial reporting, scheduling, mapping, monitoring, and business intelligence.

The success of Edge1 is an evident support to our claim to expertise in developing software solutions for OOH Advertising Industry and our strength to deliver desired solution in a short span of time. From pre sales to post sales activities, planning to campaign management, purchase orders management to accounts and invoicing, monitoring feeds to proof of delivery, inbuilt CRM to document management system with loads of features to support your entire team on each step of their working, Edge1 do all what you expect from a software sales and automation tool.




Web Based

Edge1 is highly customized web based solution, available 24X7 globally, installed within your local company servers/ cloud to give you full data security.

CRM for OOH Industry

Due follow-ups reminder, sales pipeline, sales dashboard, contact management, sales forecasting. Works best on dedicated mobile app..

Any Device

Edge1 is accessible on any device whether it’s a desktop, mobile, tablet or any other device, completely through a web browser.

Inventory Management

Traditional, ambient, street furniture and digital with current availability of locations between any two dynamic dates in few simple clicks.

Cloud Hosted

Edge1 can be easily hosted on cloud means the storing and accessing of business data over the internet instead of local computer server.

Proposal and Contracts

Quick PPT/ Excel/ PDF including sites information, rates, availability, images with live Google map and Google earth plotting. Customized contract with terms and conditions, offer price and discounts.

Mobile Applications

Edge1 offers a mobile workforce automation for OOH industry. Sales professionals will have all information they need in the palm of their hands as they prepare for client meetings.

Campaign Performance

Booking, blocking, FOC and rotational information of campaigns. Cost sheet, campaign profitability, site performance, PO management.

Site Installation

Generation of Job slips, work orders, monitoring of sites, on-going campaign progress with a dedicated mobile app for operations.

Landlord management

Calculate revenue share, due license fee reminder, site wise contract and landlord distribution.

Financial Transaction

Invoicing, credit notes, debit notes, payment receiving to payment making, revenue, outstanding, party ledger, revenue tracking.

Business Intelligence

Dashboards to track your business growth with 150+ custom reports.