Advertising Media Management Software

Do you manage campaigns via an Excel spreadsheet and e-mail, or worse, a wall chart and a Magic Marker? With the need to operate in more than one channel for share of market and share of customer, it’s getting harder to execute multiple campaigns without the aid of a sophisticated software tool. We know that successful marketing and sales campaigns are never one-dimensional. When you engage in multi-step, multi-channel efforts, you need a platform to unify and coordinate all facets of the campaign. This calls for an efficient campaign management and automation tool.

We introduce you to one of its kind #1st complete ERP software for automation of every channel of advertising i.e. Print, Radio, OOH, Digital, Activations and Cinema, Edge360. It also ensures your drip campaigns involve several types of media not just one. It consists of planning, executing, tracking and analysing marketing programs. In the broadest sense, Edge360 can be applied to various types of advertising and marketing efforts, both inbound and outbound.

It allows users to design and execute campaign workflows, control personnel access to project tasks, as well as automate communication/workflow with outside agencies and vendors. Campaign execution can be automated according to activity/non-activity triggers, and priorities can be established to guide targets through campaigns. Analytical tools provide actual and estimated totals, behavioural scoring, interaction histories, ROI comparisons and automated distribution of real-time reporting.

And last but not the least; you will learn the exact returns on your marketing campaigns created through Edge360 so you can determine which ones worked and which ones didn't.

segment, target and manage

multichannel marketing campaigns

with Edge360

Manage campaigns

Automation of multiple campaigns .

Planning capabilities

Helps in making quick plans by using historical performance, anticipated costs and revenue, forecasted profitability and other elements.

Tracking & Reporting

Track and report during and after a campaign to analyze a promotion's effectiveness and modify accordingly for future campaigns.

Less Errors

Cutting out error-prone ways of working.

Robust and user friendly application

Secured with individual user name and password.

Business Analytics

Intelligent reporting to adjust campaigns in real time.


Integrate interactive images and video into your plans quickly, while eliminating common problems like complex file formats, localization and delivery issues.

Defining Processes

Flowcharts to manage complex, cross-channel campaigns.

Web based

Edge360 is highly customized web based search engine, available 24X7 globally, installed within your local company servers/ cloud to give you full data security.

Any Device

Edge360 is accessible on any device whether it’s a desktop, mobile, tablet or any other device, completely through a web browser

Analytic Reports

Clear, visual dashboard on progress of campaign .


Improve your efficiency with higher levels of automation .