"Facing Education Sector Challenges Together"

US Technosoft provides platform which makes the communication between education providers, Teachers, Parents, Government Organizations and students efficient and cost effective. Our Solutions has enabled Institutions to provide world-class learning, classroom collaboration and student talent development.

US Technosoft has partnered with top notched international schools and Colleges to provide education solutions such as Web Portals, digitalized Library management, Document management Systems, Learning management Solutions, School information system.

We are focussed on Education domain in driving new technologies for E-Learning adoption. The disruptive technologies of Cloud Computing, Mobile devices, Social Learning, Video for Education and Analytics based progress monitoring are some key trends re-shaping the way Digital Learning is getting adopted. The trend is to move away from “Push-based” Learning models to new “Pull-based” Learning models that provide adaptive learning paths, self-paced learning maps and a network-model that connects various stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, institutions) seamlessly.

Education is a very large but fragmented market with very different demands across the countries based on governmental policies, infrastructure availability and adoption levels of existing Digital Learning models. We are also working with leading companies and innovative start-ups in this segment to create a unique offering for specific market needs based on new technology paradigms. US Technosoft is investing in Technologies, Platforms, Competencies and Content integration for following E-Learning initiatives:

  • Cloud Based Social Learning Platform for K-12 in emerging markets
  • Higher-Ed Digital Repository, Learning Portal and Assessments Platform for University Programs
  • Distant Learning Platform with Content Delivery and Assignments Management using Tablet Devices
  • Big Data Analytics for Curriculum Assessments and Item Response Theory

US Technosoft will explore your current training support structure and roles within the team to identify knowledge gaps and make recommendations for improvement. The analysis of individual knowledge strengths and weaknesses will be done through expert-led assessments and tailored interviews.