Judicial Judgment and Law Search Engine

Ever wondered how the lawyers quote year old cases in court trails. How do they even know which year to look at and search for latest cases for citation? Jurix is a product which solves this problem. It is a leading content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets. It is simple but effective tool allows users to search the legal judgments with ease.

If you are a Judge, Attorney, Judicial Officer or a person seeking Indian Law, then the entire Indian law database from the year 1850 (approx.) till date has being digitized and powered with an effective search for your benefit. Searches are refined specifically keeping in mind the needs of the legal fraternity, and the aim is to make the search accessible and simple.

It is a search engine which is customized for Indian legal research, and legal judgments. The whole purpose of this application it was to minimize the effort made for doing Indian legal research, as instead of visiting multiple sites or refining queries in search engines, one could find relevant Indian law related material by typing in a simple search query. Jurix also aims to promote research using the multiple scattered sources of Indian legal knowledge/information and in doing so it has indexed several judgments and sections which are repositories of legal knowledge but are generally lesser known.

Thus, instead of typing in multiple detailed queries, one can get the appropriate legal material by typing in simple terms. Furthermore, the search results can be refined by clicking on one of the many refinements (Such as searching only Free Access material or only through Central Government ministries etc.) It makes extensive use of refinements or categorisation. All judgments have been categorised and labelled according to the kind of content available.

Jurix makes you

search law judgements efficiently

Search it as it was never lost

Robust and user friendly application

Secured with individual user name and password.

Free Text Search

Search by keying in a phrase, our product retrieves judgments related to that phrase delivered by all Courts.

Web based

Jurix is highly customized web based search engine, available 24X7 globally, installed within your local company servers/ cloud to give you full data security.

Search from one place

Users have access to the complete library and can search and research in one single window.

Any Device

Jurix is accessible on any device whether it’s a desktop, mobile, tablet or any other device, completely through a web browser.

Filter based Search

search results based on filters with many options like date wise, judge wise, year wise, subject search and much more.

Easy Download

can be downloaded as a doc template, PDF, or take direct print.

Auto Correction

All judgments are corrected for spelling mistakes, formatted clearly for better reading experience.

Content Monitoring

Ease in monitoring content with inbuilt indexing.

Automatic what's new list

Ease in finding newly added judgements.

Reports track most search

Get immediate access to complete search reports, including top keyword counts and recently performed searches.

Scheduled re-indexing

You can schedule re-indexing daily, weekly, monthly, or ask for immediate re-indexing at any time! .