Travel and Logistics

"Move goods and passengers around the world without missing a beat"

Increasing competition, intense pricing wars and the resulting commoditization has shifted the battles in the travel and logistics industries. The fiercest competition today is in the leveraging of technology to win the customers’ hearts and minds on one side, and to squeeze out some margin points on the other. But the modern day customer is not easy to please they are armed with information, their expectations are high, they purse strings tight, and their loyalty fleeting. We have considerable experience across the spectrum of this domain from business simulation and maximization, to operations and logistics optimization tools, to customer and partner facing applications. We leverage this experience to develop innovative solutions for global airlines, travel companies, railways, hotels and logistics companies that help them understand their customers, and serve them well.

If you’re managing traffic at airport gates, supporting reservation systems, tracking package deliveries, or handling any number of systems that move people or products around the world, application availability is critical to your operations. Even short periods of downtime can disrupt commerce and take a substantial toll on revenue, safety and customer satisfaction. We offer a range of flexible high availability solutions software, platform and services, that are easy to deploy and manage, and backed by a support structure with many years of track record of success. Our solutions can be rapidly deployed in your chosen environment physical, virtualized or cloud without changes to your applications.

Move at the speed of change with US Technosoft industry software for travel and transportation including cargo and freight transportation, logistics services, passenger travel, and leisure. Use technologies such as real-time Big Data analytics and enterprise mobility to enhance every facet of your operations from fleet management and MRO to demand forecasting and customer service.