Alakh Advertising gets more Clarity, Efficiency & Profitability with Edge1 ERP Software

Alakh Advertising gets more Clarity, Efficiency & Profitability with Edge1 ERP Software

US Technosoft, an IT company had forayed into the OOH industry, two years back, with an aim to bring some system in this cluttered industry with its ERP software named Edge1. The software was developed to integrate and streamline all the OOH business processes starting from media buying, planning, landlord management and license fee for marketing, sales, lead generation, purchase orders, accounts, reports, alerts, mailing (internal and external) and much more. The techno company presented its programme in the industry and in response, quite a few media owning firms saw the value in it and decided to their business hands on it. Therefore decided to dig into its performance check.

Alakh Advertising, a Mumbai based veteran media owning firm had always been working in a traditional style majorly involved human input which caused various errors. As Neeta Gulati, Director, Alakh Advertising explained, "Our kind of work involves numerous excel sheets which all used to be maintained manually. In this case, number of entries used to get missed or duplication used to happen due to excessive work pressure and many other reasons. Therefore, our goal was to seamlessly manage all our Sales, Campaigns, PO Management, Proof of Delivery, Invoicing and Reporting on their platform. Additionally to update the real time data which gets communicated to all the departments at one go to avoid any confusion".

To solve all the issues, the company planned to incorporate Edge1 Software into its work. "The Edge1 OOH software provides us with smooth, accurate and responsive operations, thereby enhancing our already top-notch customer service. Having all inventory and operations managed on a single, cutting-edge platform means we can quickly deploy new, innovative client offerings. Plus, we can look forward to Edge1 innovations like strategic planning, business analysis and more. With Edge1, we deliver top-notch services to our clients", added Neeta.

Edge1 which was delighted to add Alakh Advertising into its client list has always practiced to provide more value than software from day one. This has been a natural progression to our full product stack. Alakh first signed onto Edge1's planning application, and then organically expanded onto the rest of our software platform, which is much, much larger than the planning piece alone. While we do planning and campaign management very well, it only represents 5% of our product stack", commented Upinder Singh, Edge1's Project Director.

Initially transferring the entire data and bringing the software into the practice was quite hard and hassled, however slowly and steadily, the team successfully got acquainted with software's nature and its entire procedure. Moreover, the company reaped profitable results by expediting the work in an efficient manner. "This initiative is inherently challenging, with many moving parts. Edge1's support team worked with us every step of the way to ensure successful user adoption. They partnered with our in house experts to bring everyone on my team along the journey. The most satisfying moment for me was when my team expressed how much faster, efficient and more user- friendly the Edge1 Software was", said, Geetika Gulati, Alakh's Director. The software also helped the firm in calculating the profit coming from the each site by managing the landlord data.

Working with several other media owning firms, the tech company found one issue prevailing in the industry i.e. opaque nature of the business. Elaborating more on this, Upinder said, "According to us Outdoor industry today needs to be more transparent and answerable to the advertisers. Outdoor industry need to gather more faith of the advertisers in order to persuade the advertisers to increase the share of OOH in their advertising budgets. This could be only achieved if they can be more accessible to the advertisers on the proof of deliveries and better campaign".