Pioneer Publicity adopts Edge1 Outdoor Media Management Software

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US Technosoft, the software development company and IT consulting firm, recently announced the successful implementation of Edge1 Outdoor Media Management Software, ERP application for outdoor media owners and agencies at Pioneer Publicity Corporation.

Pioneer is one of India’s biggest outdoor media owner, having presence pan India and is driving business with a large number of hoardings, billboards, unipoles and pole kiosks etc. The company's search for a software solution to help increase operational efficiencies and streamline data flow led them to Edge1 team. The successful implementation at Pioneer has resulted in full integration of all departments, allowing their staff to enter data once and have information propagate throughout the system, a key benefit that results in valuable data-mining, performance reports and saving time on manual entry.

Pioneer has also selected Edge1 because it can be used for transit advertising (taxis, buses, display vans) and street furniture, while it also helps them to integrate their branches across India. Edge1 staff is conducting onsite training and optimizing data to manage and maintain all inventory. This allows Pioneer to handle plan generation and campaign management, deliver execution reports and invoices.